Your movement – understand who you are and what you want to achieve


We need to know where you are, where you’re headed and where you want to be as an entity. By absorbing every little detail about your movement, we can develop rifle-focused solutions that build you into a brand.


Connecting with your target audience is absolutely critical for success. We develop a deep, possibly unhealthy, understanding of your audience so we can develop strategic ideas and brand messages that foster the connection.

Nationbuilder under the hood

We create “personas” to segment your audience, to better meet their needs and create experiences that resonate with them and the group as a whole. At this point we understand your movement inside and out, and are able to leverage the power of Nationbuilder to inspire action.


Target your audience and identify the goals you want to reach

Information Architecture

With an understanding of your content, Information Architecture ensures we deliver a hierarchy of messaging that will resonate with your audience.

User experience prototype

Sounds impressive. And it is. The Prototype simulates the structure and flow of your nation before we write a line of code. You’ll know what you’re getting before you get it.


A multifaceted experience that conveys your vision and speaks with your voice at every touchpoint.

UI Design

It’s generally accepted that the best interfaces are the ones engineered to stay out of the way. Having said that, we hold design and usability in equally high esteem. Good UI design gives users a memorable experience that’s both beautiful and functional, and above all, feels like your brand.


Major site sections are created and specific functionalities developed. Aside from server-side frameworks, this stage also includes client-side development and all in-browser automation necessary to provide an engaging experience.


Your brand to your audience – analyze the data to improve decision-making


It’s time for the rubber glove! Your nation is probed, prodded and poked to uncover any glitches. Test sites guarantee that the finished article is clean, “hardened” and good to go.


We’re big on UX, but we’re also number nerds. We pore over analytics to see how your audience is using your site. Just because it’s launched, doesn’t mean the spark is gone. Using insights gained from post-launch analytics we refine and iterate, adding Nationbuilder features based on your audience’s needs. The more we keep evolving, the further we stay ahead of the curve.